CRM-Federal Specialist

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) announces the CRM/Federal Specialist, a Post-Certification Specialty Designation

Albany, New York (ICRM HQ) – September 6, 2017:
The Institute announces its newest Post Certification Specialty Designation (Specialty Designation) - the CRM/Federal Specialist developed for CRM’s whose field of professional practice involves Records and Information Management (RIM programs of the U.S. Government, whether as Federal government employee, uniformed military, consultant or contractor.

The ICRM Specialty Designation program allows for industry-specific standards and best practices to be documented and peer reviewed the same as the CRM process provides for global best practices in RIM. The CRM/Federal Specialist is the second specialty designation following the long-standing CRM/Nuclear Records and Information Management Specialist (CRM/NS).

The CRM/Federal Specialist is based on the collective body of knowledge represented by the United States (US) government laws and regulations as well as the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) guidelines and policies for record keeping program in Federal agencies. The CRM/Federal Specialist was developed by a team of recognized CRMs whose careers have included RIM programs of US government departments and agencies, US military and supporting contractors. The knowledge areas were defined in consultation with ICRM strategic partners and NARA resources.

The ICRM asked the NARA's Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government Laurence Brewer, CRM, to give his reaction to this new program. He replied "The National Archives and Records Administration values the efforts of academic institutions and professional organizations that contribute to development of the Federal records management workforce. The new Federal specialist credential offered by the ICRM is another way that records management professionals can demonstrate their knowledge about performing records management in Federal positions."

The Body of Knowledge (BOK) outline has three major sections which align with the NARA Federal RIM Capability Maturity Model and is built on the knowledge necessary to operate and support RIM programs and the Department or Agency HQ level.
  1. Management and Organizational Structure (30 questions)
  2. Policy, Standards and Governance (30 questions)
  3. RIM Program Operations (40 questions)

The BoK encompasses unique aspects of leading, operating or supporting agency-wide RIM policy and programs to be compliant with NARA guide lines as well as Federal requirements for personnel management, information access, procurement, and budgeting. The CRM Federal Specialty Knowledge Outline can be found at

The CRM/Federal Specialist Specialty Designation is not a separate credential. There will be an application fee of $25 and an examination fee of $100, payable upon exam registration.

Eligibility and post certification requirements for the CRM/Federal Specialist:
  1. You must be a CRM in good standing and hold four (4) years of professional Federal RIM experience as an employee, contractor or consultant for the US Federal government.
  2. The Institute expects to open applications and testing in January of 2018. Once a CRM’s application to sit for the CRM/Federal Specialist exam is accepted, they would register through the Pearson Vue test centers with the same process for Parts 1-6 of the ICRM exams.
  3. Twenty (20) Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) of the overall 100 required per 5-year cycle for a CRM must be related to Federal RIM knowledge areas.
  4. A CRM must remain in good standing to continue certification as a CRM/Federal Specialist.
“I’m proud of the work by our dedicated volunteers to define the collective tasks and knowledge needed by CRMs to be successful in operating or supporting agency-wide RIM programs in the Federal sector” said John Krysa, ICRM President-Elect.

“For more than 40 years, the ICRM has proudly set the standard by which RIM professionals could be measured, accredited and recognized according to criteria of experience and capability established by their peers. We are excited to add the CRM/Federal Specialist exam in recognition of the specialized RIM knowledge required in the management of US government records programs” said Wendy McLain, ICRM President.

For more information about the CRM/Federal Specialist post certification Special Designation, please contact the ICRM Administrator at (877) 244-3128 or

About the ICRM
Founded in 1975, the ICRM is an international certifying organization of and for professional records managers. The Institute confers four designations: the Certified Records Manager (CRM); the Certified Records Manager/Nuclear Specialist (CRM/NS); the Certified Records Analyst (CRA); and the CRM/Federal Specialist.