NIRMA - ICRM Press Release

Institute of Certified Records Managers and Nuclear Information and Records Management Association modernize process for awarding the designation of “Nuclear Information and Records Specialist”

Summerlin, NV, 2017 NIRMA Conference, August 6, 2017

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) announce the transformation of application and testing processes for Certified Records Managers to earn the Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (CRM/NS) specialty designation. The significant changes include on-line application, approval, and fee payment on ICRM’s web-site followed by test taking at any Pearson Vue test center offering ICRM examinations. Key eligibility criteria remain the same: CRM in good standing, current NIRMA member, and 4 years qualifying experience in the nuclear sector. The CRM/NS specialty designation examination remains a 100 question test developed by NIRMA subject matter experts.

The new program begins with activating an on-line application function on the ICRM web-site by January 2018. This will allow eligible CRMs to take the CRM/NS Specialty Designation test at Pearson Vue test facilities in 2018. The new process replaces paper application forms, mailed checks and paper exams administered by a proctor.

“ICRM is excited to strengthen our strategic partnership with NIRMA with these process improvements. We are confident that this will enhance the candidate experience and encourage more RIM professionals in the nuclear sector to pursue the prestigious CRM/NS designation” said Wendy McLain, ICRM President.

In 1990, NIRMA and ICRM established a formal relationship to develop an advanced designation for CRMs in the nuclear energy field to demonstrate mastery of the high rigor requirements of the nuclear industry; both governmental and commercial. NIRMA’s Professional Certification Committee continues to develop and maintain the CRM/NS specialty designation examination content.

“NIRMA is excited to offer online application and testing for the CRM/NS Specialty Designation. This is a significant change and aligns with NIRMA’s Strategic Plan to “Provide cutting edge technology assessment and education to our stakeholders.” We value the partnership with ICRM and look forward to collaborating on other educational opportunities for our membership in the future” said Rebecca Wessman, NIRMA President.

Once certified as a CRM/NS, individuals must maintain their currency in the field by continuing NIRMA membership and completing 100 hours of certification maintenance activity in a 5 year cycle, of which 20 hours must be in the nuclear RIM field. The Specialty Designation program imposes a new fee structure with a $25 non-refundable application fee, a $100 test fee paid to Pearson Vue, and $25 in annual CRM/NS dues in addition to the basic $200 ICRM dues.

ICRM now offers a Certified Records Analyst (CRA) certification as a stepping stone on the career path for RIM professionals towards the CRM. Qualified applicants must pass and maintain proficiency by earning certification maintenance points. Once additional experience is gained they can take Exam parts 1 & 5 and then sit for the Part 6 case studies to obtain their CRM. For those RIM practitioners relatively new to the nuclear sector, the CRA offers a starting point for professional certification as they acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to qualify as a CRM and then CRM/NS Specialty Designation.

NIRMA is the nuclear industry’s leader in Information and Records Management and a standard-based organization under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Since 1976, NIRMA has been uniquely qualified to provide guidance to commercial and Department of Energy facilities in the areas of quality records programs, regulatory compliance activities, electronic records initiatives, document management technologies, and knowledge management issues.

Founded in 1975, the ICRM is an international certifying organization of and for professional records managers. The Institute confers three designations: the Certified Records Manager (CRM); the Certified Records Manager/Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (CRM/NS); and the Certified Records Analyst (CRA). 

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