Taking the CRA Exam

Attaining the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) designation is based on educational background, professional work experience and successful completion of a three-part examination consisting of:



  • Part 2 - Records and Information: Creation and Use

  • Part 3 - Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval

  • Part 4 - Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition

    Parts 2 through 4 each consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. Part 6 is an essay question and requires a well thought, detailed response in a business case format. All examination questions are in English. The multiple-choice questions in Parts 2 through 4 are chosen as equally as possible from all parts of the Examination Outlines

    The questions in each part are based on fundamental records and information management practices, and are meant to represent the best practices in the industry. Questions are NOT included in the test bank if they refer solely to the practices of a specific country, vendor or company.

    If English is not the Candidate’s native language, they are entitled to an additional 20 minutes of test time for each of Parts 2 through 4, and an additional one hour of test time for Part 6. Candidates requiring this additional time should request approval from the Regent for Exam Administration (examadmin@icrm.org) prior to registering for an exam.

    Registering for Exams Using the ICRM Website
    Once approved through the application process, a Candidate is eligible to register for exams during the next open registration period using the ICRM website. Registration for an exam is a two-step process.

1.    Log on to the ICRM website (www.icrm.org) and click on “View Personal Details”. Then click on “Exam Status”. Select the exam cycle you wish to test, then select the exams you wish to take during that cycle. You will need to wait up to 24 hours for the information to be transferred to Pearson VUE. Return to this screen, and your exam status will change to “Authorized”.

2.    Once the status of the exam is “Authorized”’ click on the current exam cycle (far left of the screen under “Exam Cycle”). (Note: The screen will also be a direct link to the Pearson VUE ICRM landing page.) You can then schedule your exam and arrange for payment directly with Pearson VUE. Consult the ICRM website for dates, deadlines, and check payment options.

Examination Fees
Registration to take specific parts of the examination is done through the ICRM member database. An applicant must be accepted as a Candidate before registering for examinations. A Candidate must pass Parts 1 through 5 before registering to take Part 6. Examinations are given by Pearson VUE, a third-party independent testing service. A fee per examination is charged for each of Parts 2 through 4. Registration to take any part of the exam is done through the ICRM member database with a link to the Pearson VUE site to register and pay fees. These fees are only refundable if an applicant cancels a scheduled exam with Pearson VUE more than 48 hours prior to the examination. Registration and fees must be submitted to Pearson VUE, the testing service, by the deadline established for each examination. All payments must be in United States currency. Please go to 
https://www.icrm.org/fees for a listing of the current examination fees.



Taking the Examination
A Candidate may sit for all of Parts 2 through 4 of the examination during the same testing week, or they may take as many, and in any sequence they desire.. Candidates may retake any part of the examination as often as necessary, however, an exam can only be taken once during a given exam cycle. (See “Completion Time Required.”)

Examinations are administered by Pearson VUE, an independent testing service. Pearson VUE has over 4,000 Pearson VUE owned and independent third-party testing centers worldwide.


The passing score for each part of the examination is 70%. Candidates taking Parts 2 through 4 at a Pearson VUE testing site will receive their exam results immediately upon completion of testing.

Examination Dates
Parts 2 through 4 are offered Monday through Friday in the first and second full weeks of February, May, August and November each year. Candidates may select the day, time and location that meet their particular schedule. Candidates who have passed

Examination Schedule
Candidates are allowed 80 minutes for each part when taking Parts 2 through 4 including 5 minutes for administrative purposes.

Candidates can cancel exams up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam by calling Pearson VUE directly. Candidates failing to show up for scheduled exams, or calling less than 48 hours prior to their scheduled exam, forfeit any fees paid.


Feedback is provided to Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing an examination part. The feedback for Parts 2 through 4 is individualized and provided before the Candidate leaves the testing center. Feedback consists of the outline parts of that particular part that contained the questions missed. Candidates can then use that feedback to guide their further study.